In this blog I want to let you know why we brought The Finisher to the studio, and it’s not just to rub our evil hands as we watch you huff, puff, crawl, and fall through it. There are a ton of benefits you may not even have realized yet…

But First, What is a Finisher?

A BOMB Finisher is a series of intense exercises performed at the end of most classes to make sure you’ve drained every last bit of energy from your body, and in turn this will elevate your body’s fat burning potential. For example, our first challenge was a 2km Strider Sprint, followed by 20 Jump Squats, then 10 Inchworms with a Push-Up. The Finisher is time-based, and completely optional!! So what are the benefits?

Metabolic Conditioning

The Finishers are designed to shoot your heart rate up so that you keep burning calories long after your training session ends. This is known as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. It’s designed to give you a quick, and explosive total body workout to burn fat. Due to the speed of the Finisher you won’t sacrifice muscle mass, nor will it negatively affect your personal fitness goals.

Mentally Challenging

If you took part in our first Finisher (2km Strider Sprint, 20 Jump Squats, 10 Inchworms), you’ll know how hard it was to keep your legs moving once that lactic acid attacked your legs just 40 seconds into the Strider Sprint. The Finisher will bring out your competitive side, whether that’s against yourself or someone else, and for that reason alone you’ll be able to mentally push yourself further than you thought you could.


Try and look outside the box here! I know that’s hard to say that after you sprawl over the floor post-Finisher but we've had more chitter-chatter, heckling, friendly bantering, and cheering going on at the studio than ever before. A bit of a competition to beat a trainer’s time doesn’t hurt anyone either.

But the main idea is not about beating one another’s time, or beating your trainer’s time. It’s about challenging, and improving YOU! Make it your challenge this month to complete the finisher and get your name and time on the board. THEN try to beat it. Don’t worry if you don’t quite manage it. Each time you complete the challenge, you will move further up the path to becoming fitter physically, and mentally. Results = Hard Work + Consistency, and the Finisher will help you get there.


There’s a lot of misconception out there that to lose fat all you need to do is run, or do some type of cardio workout. However, the most efficient way to lose fat is cardio PLUS strength training, and this is where the Strider Elliptical blasts other common gym machines (like the treadmill, or bike) out of the water. Read on to find out why, and learn how to get the most out of each stride.

If you use the Strider properly you have the opportunity to engage, and work all of the biggest muscle groups in your body. The Strider builds muscle in the lower body, namely the quads, hamstrings, calves & glutes. When you bring the handles in to play, while retracting your shoulders, you can even blast your back, arms, chest and abs. The more muscles you engage in one movement, the more calories you’ll burn, and in turn you’ll lose fat quicker.

Learn how to get the most out of each stride by following these quick tips, and photographic guide.

Neutral Position

In a regular Strider movement, make sure you remain tall on the Strider at all times. Don’t hunch forward, retract the shoulder blades, and your ankle remains in line with your hip. Adjust the handle bars to the correct height (slight bend in the elbows).

Core Work

To engage your abs, and light up your core, push down on the stationary handles as you stride.  Hold on to the moving handles at the top to work your arms, or hold them near the bottom and push forward on the handles for your abs.

Squat Mode

In squat mode, you can stretch out to the handle bars but don’t slouch forward. Remain tall, keep the shoulders back and down, while hinging at the hips and dropping them  just over the rear flywheel.

No matter what resistance level you’re at Squat mode burns, and really sculpts your glutes. Keep your knees tracking over your feet to really feel it in the thighs.

Sprint or Climb

Again, in sprint, or climb mode, maintain great posture. When you grab the sprint handles don’t slouch forward even when the sweat is dripping off you, and your legs start to give way!

Sprint mode will really test out how good your cardio is (or isn’t). Climbing will burn out your legs, while strengthening them at the same time.

If you haven’t tried one of our Strider classes yet, we highly recommend you do. It’s more functional than the treadmill or spin bike, and you don’t get the sore butt at the end!

To find out more about our Strider classes, click HERE.


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