With Goodlife Fitness about to be scrutinized on “Undercover Boss” this week, it seems like the perfect time to give you the scoop on why we decided to disguise a tough workout under the cover of class-based programming. 

More for Less – Time, that is… compared to doing the same exercises on your own, you will feel like you worked harder in a 45 minute session than you would in your two hours looking for the right set of weights or waiting on a machine. I’m not talking about the classes at your local box gym either, where you’re herded in like cattle and left at the back of the class having no idea what’s going on. 

With small classes, we’re able to keep an eye on you, get to know what you’re capable of, and offer suggestions to keep you working to the max.  The amount of people who come here and claim that they’re in top shape because they’ve been a member of a commercial gym are quickly caught out after their first Strider, TRX or any of our other explosive classes. When kickboxing and jiu-jitsu practice finished I was doubled over, not just in pain from bruises and burns but also tiredness from the grueling workout. I was pushed by my teacher and fellow students, nothing like I felt after a regular gym session.

No More Cheating – Feeling lazy at the gym, just go for a light jog on the treadmill at the same safe speed for 20 minutes, who’s going to know? Well, you don’t get away with that here. Our classes are smaller and more focused so you won’t have the chance to be lazy. If we don’t see you sweating or huffing and puffing we’ll quickly sort that out!

Boredom – Running on a treadmill for 30 minutes watching that same Rihanna video for the 100th time? Okay, she’s great to look at but… boring. How about a burning Strider session with friends instead?! Sitting at a machine doing a static bicep curl…? Boring. How about a TRX curl where you engage your core, have a better range of motion and the ability to add in a TRX Row & Deltoid Raise in the same exercise, sounds much more like it. Bottom line, group ex classes are much more fun!

Intimidation – Ever walked into the gym, looked around, and wondered what the heck you were going to do? A lot of people are intimidated when joining a gym, especially people who feel they’re inexperienced and/or out-of-shape. The sheer size of the complex, the amount of machines, how to use them, fear of being watched and judged by other members- it can really get to some people. Our studio motto is “Check Your Ego at the Door.” We try to treat everyone the same, if you’re shy/outgoing, in shape/or not, we have a place for you here where you’ll feel your best. Most of the comments we hear from our members is that “It doesn’t even feel like a gym.”

Accountability – In a gym setting, can you honestly say you’ve met a friend or a great contact recently while you work out by yourself? Does anyone even know your name before scanning your card? The guy trying to sell you personal training while you’re on the stationary bike does not count!

In our group exercise environment you have instructors and members around you for support and to encourage you to give that little bit extra effort – nobody wants to look weaker than anyone else. Your friends are waiting for you at the BOMB and it’s hard to bail of your workout when you know that we’re all waiting.  I absolutely love hearing our members planning out their exercise schedule for the week with their new buddies before leaving.

Professionalism – “Oi buddy, can you stop flirting with the blonde with the nice body and come sort out this broken access card!” No need to explain what I’m getting at here. We hope we’re attentive, mature and professional without losing that youthful edge!

I’m not out to knock standard gyms too much and we’re not trying to compete with their model. They do have their advantages, especially for people who have great will-power. You can go at whatever time suits you and you can usually find a deal that can get you in the door for only $6 (plus initiation, plus a 12 month commitment, plus a mandatory ‘assessment’ to tell you just how out of shape you are!).  Small group training is the way of the future – why join a gym when you could join a community.

See you at the next class!


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