For those of you who haven’t been to the studio since Friday, we’re just going to come out and say it… The BOMB is moving!

Don’t worry, we’re staying in the neighbourhood and only moving one block east to a brand new facility that’s over 2400 square feet just on the main floor! (…that’s almost double the size of our current place).  With the studio getting busier and busier, even in summer, and with the launch of our Fit Kids Program in September, we needed a much bigger space to keep everyone happy.

Before we go on we want to make it clear that although the studio will be larger we’re not planning to change our class model – small class sizes, lots of attention. We have no interest in opening up a big box gym and if you’ve talked to us you’ll know we dislike them as much as our members do. We’re sticking with group exercise classes, personal training, CPR courses, and amazingly dedicated members.

What we will be doing is helping you to take your training to the next level. You may not have noticed but you are getting fitter, stronger and looking great so we have to have a studio that can keep up with you.  A lot of the moves we originally did in Fighting Fit have moved over to our Bootcamp classes as a testament to how hard everyone is working. Newbies who think they’re in shape are getting blown out the water by our dedicated TRXers (or is that TRXperts?).

But that’s not enough! In the new studio we will be bringing in brand new equipment, including a larger TRX frame and a beautiful functional trainer. We’ll have a dedicated Fit Kids area downstairs and more space in general to move around. We’ll also introduce even more modern fitness classes and training methodologies to keep up with the growing trend of our industry.

So here comes the cheesy part of this blog but we mean every word: There is no way we could grow or even just survive without the support of our members and the community. When we opened the studio we had no idea what type of person was going to join, we didn’t know anyone in the neighbourhood, had no clients to come with us, an unconventional business plan, and no back-up. We’ve lived in other parts of Toronto where there is no community spirit, cold condo-living where people work and play downtown, not even getting to know their neighbours or use businesses right at their door step. We are all really lucky to live in such a vibrant area with such a positive mindset to use local amenities and then tell everyone about them.

The BOMB is growing and so is this community. We hope you’ll grow with us and that you’re just as excited to join the new studio on October 1st as we are. I’m sure we’ll be throwing a few painting parties before then!


Victoria, Kevin and all The BOMB trainers

Margo Bennett
29/7/2013 04:11:07 am

Hi son &daughter-in law.
You have one proud set of parents(in law), both of you have worked really hard since you first opened the studio. When we were over on holiday recently your members could not have praised you any more highly if they tried, hope they all support you when you move to the new premises. Having said that, both of you could not have praised your members any more highly than you did. Wishing you all the best, 2 proud parents. x

Stephanie Reisler
13/8/2013 04:03:25 am

I am personally thrilled that you are expanding the Bomb. I'm also not the least bit surprised that you have been successful in growing a strong (pardon the pun) clientele. Congratulations guys!!

29/7/2023 12:10:04 pm

Apppreciate this blog post


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