I've read a few great articles on kids and resistance training recently, explaining why we shouldn't be afraid of letting our children participate in resistance weight training.  

Bones across the body mature at various stages of our childhood, and young adult life. Resistance training increases muscle size and strength, and will help protect the child from injury.  Resistance training can also be used as a way to rehabilitate injuries and increase certain sport performance. Careful resistance training won't cause the growth of bones to be stunted or injured, it's the repetitive motion or traumas that most professionals see in their offices when young athletes or active people injure themselves.  Resistance training is done in a controlled condition, and increased only when the child is able and feels comfortable.  It is important to understand the basic body weight movement of all exercises, and obtain the strength to complete those properly first before moving on to weight loaded exercises. Before beginning, the child should have an examination of possible injury risk factors and again be assessed by a trainer. 

A workout should include all components of a regular workout; warm up, cardio, resistance training, making sure to work all major muscle groups, and a proper cool down.  Gains in strength will generally only be seen if a program is maintained. After a 6 week break, diminishes in strength and muscle size will begin, so it is important to maintain a consistent program. Lower weight and higher reps should be focused on when dealing with children in order to avoid any unnecessary stress on vulnerable joints or body parts. Through the program their technique should be monitored to ensure the chances of injury are decreased.

Kids can take part in resistance training programs as long as they are mature enough both physically and mentally. They should be able to listen to and follow instructions given by a trainer to ensure their safety, and to learn effectively. With the help of a professional children can be safe and have fun while exercising! 

If you want to learn more here are the links to the articles, and please don't hesitate to quiz us about kids resistance training!




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