Finding time to work out frequently AND have an ultra-clean diet is hard work. If you’re not at that stage where you can find time for both, here are a few inexpensive and time efficient tips to introduce to your household. Who knows, this could kick-start that well-rounded healthy lifestyle we all strive for.

Portion Control

Pack up your large main plates, and replace them with a smaller, medium sized alternative. Get rid of the sentimental, but large “I Don’t Do Mornings” coffee mugs. The more plate and cup you have to fill, the more you’re likely to overeat, and drink more coffee/pop than you need to.

Portion out your meals using measuring cups or a kitchen scale, and adhere to serving guidelines. You’ll know exactly how much you’re eating, and drinking, and what’s actually going into your meals.

You’ve probably heard that the ideal daily eating habit is to eat 4-6 small meals, every few hours. This is very true; you only have to eat enough to keep your engine running.

Prepare Meals In Advance

Pre-prepare meals once or twice per week. By blocking off a few hours out of your day each week, you’ll refrain from popping into the take-out place after a long day when you know something delicious is already prepared when you come home. Have a big family, small freezer? Buy a stand-alone unit, and pack it.

One of the main reasons for a poor diet is that people don’t enjoy cooking. Why waste 30-40 minutes preparing a meal you’ll eat in 5 minutes? By freeing up time each week, you’ll slowly start to enjoy the process of meal preparation. Make it a family event by getting your partner and kids involved.

Turn Off the TV

The stimulants you receive in doing this, slows down the connection your stomach has with the brain to let it know you’re full, and you end up eating more than you need to. I’ll also hazard a guess that sometimes, like me, you gulp it down, and shout (Edit – he actually asks very nicely - V) for seconds before you’ve even reached the first commercial break.

Plan your G-shopping trips

It’s tempting to put off grocery shopping for that extra few days and simply eat all-in-one pancake mix and canned tomatoes for each meal, but even though your pantry may still have 10 jars of pickles and pasta sauce left, your veggie crisper needs regular replenishing.  Staying out of the grocery store for more than a week will see you cutting back drastically on the amount of fresh produce you consume.

(Unless you’ve jumped on the food delivery bandwagon and are loving it as much as we are!...

Mama Earth Organic Food Boxes get delivered to the studio every Wednesday evening. Not only is the price comparable with the supermarkets, but we really like that it forces you to eat one box by the time you get next week’s. If you have no strict shopping times you’ll have a lot of fruit and veg going off. This controls food waste, and makes you eat healthily and even try tasty new foods.)


PS – We’re not financially affiliated with Mama Earth in any way. Other than that we get their box each week, and they were nice enough to offer 10% to anyone who picks up from the studio so that they can save the driver some time and gas.

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