Everyone knows that the squat is comparative to every day movements like picking things up from the floor, sitting on the toilet etc... but here are 4 more reasons to show you why squatting is the king of all exercises.

1) The #1 Exercise to Give You a Great Butt

That’s what a woman really wants, right? A lot of people mention “butt-toning” as their goal when joining The BOMB and so this is how the conversation usually goes:-

Member: “So I should do Hip Presses?”
Me: “No, just squat.”

Member: “How about Toe Taps?”
Me: “No, just squat.”

Member: “Mule Kicks?”

Member: “Ok, I’ll just squat.”

2) It’s Really a Full Body Exercise

Most people know that squatting builds strength in the quads, hamstrings and glutes, but it’s actually a full body exercise, especially when you add weights or variations to a regular squat. Your core has to be braced, shoulders engaged and strong. Performing a squat perfectly recruits a lot of muscle fibres in your body giving you a fantastic full body exercise all-in-one.

3) Increases Joint Flexibility & Injury Prevention

Ankles, knees and hips are all used when squatting. The movement of this exercise will dynamically stretch the muscles around these joints, not only strengthening them but helping prevent injury, especially low back pain. Make sure you are performing the squat properly or it can actually lead to low back issues, especially if you lift through the spine as opposed to the hips.

4) Makes You a Complete Bad Ass

Explosive squats strengthen the hip flexors enabling you to create more power in your jumps and running. Squatting regularly will make picking up your kids and going to the toilet a walk in the park.

So now you know the amazing effects of squatting and we hope to see you all at the $10 Squat Technique Workshop this Monday with Chris D to perfect your form. Otherwise, expect your squat to be picked apart come Tuesday :o)


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