When I was young and naive I was once a victim of a fitness fad. The piece of equipment in question was an Electronic Ab Exerciser. You strapped multiple, slightly wet patches over your abs, and a machine would send pulses to contract and release your muscles. The box came with a massive ripped dude on it, and a VHS (yes, I’m from that era!) showing how I’d look like Bruce Lee in no time. Well, suffice to say it was a load of bollocks, I got no six-pack, and it was a pain in the ass to set up each time.

The crazy thing is… almost twenty years later it’s still around! It now takes the form of “The Flex Belt”. Watch the start of the infomercial below.

It has quite a sleek production, right? The lovely Denise Richards promotes it, there are several ripped guys with six packs, the FDA has approved it, there’s a celebrity trainer with a “I shit rainbows” smile, and there’s even a Spinal Tap “this goes up to eleven” moment. Heck, it must work. Well surprise, surprise… it doesn’t.

But, everyone knows that, right? But if everyone did, why is it still hanging around 20 years later? And what the hell is the point of this blog? 
Education. You need to know what works for your body, what doesn’t work, why some exercises are better for you over another, and why fads like this flat out lie to you! You do not get a six-pack by walking about with a vibrating fanny pack! You get a six-pack by doing what any successful person has done with their life – through education, and by working REALLY, REALLY HARD.

You've got to have a well thought out plan, including cardio, strength training, ab work, a stellar diet, and you need to stick to it. Only then MIGHT you see the positive kind of bump eroding from your stomach.


PS – In the same way that you should never trust a skinny chef - if you ever come across a person who says they’re a celebrity trainer, or TV personality, do not train with them. They are the devil in disguise, and only make a celebrity’s ego inflate even more. In any case, you should give us “face-for-radio” guys a chance! I’d bet you’ll see much more improvement in your results.

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