Whether it’s already started with holiday parties invading your personal time, workout, time, and menu planning time, or you’re waiting for the big day to start the over-indulgence, that 4-5 pounds that the average person packs on over the holidays is hiding in plain sight.  Here’s how you can avoid your share of the Christmas blubber in 3 easy steps:
1.       Remember that the second bite of that sweet will taste exactly the same as the first.  It used to drive me crazy when I would open a box of chocolate that my oldest sister had been into before me.  I’d see little bites taken out of all of the most delicious looking chocolates and a sometimes very gooey mess left behind.  While her method really ruined the surprise of what’s in the middle of the chocolate and my mom was constantly embarrassed when she offered said treats to guests, my sister got to enjoy the best of that box without eating the entire thing.   
2.       Do mini workouts.  You’d be surprised what 5 inchworms, 3 times daily can do for you:  Inchworms are a great full-body exercise that can be done anywhere (but could also very quickly remind you of just how much food you’ve been trying to cram into your stomach as it inches its way back out).  A few years ago, my grandmother went more overboard than usual on the Christmas baking and stored a lot of the excess in the deep freezer beside the room I was staying in.   Every time I wanted to grab one of the melt-in-your-mouth ginger sparklers out of there, I willed myself to do as many push ups as possible off the side of the freezer.  For the most part, it helped me to keep the freezer lid closed.
3.       Go to bed.  Sleep is always an important key for weight and stress management, but this is especially true for the days leading up to the big show.  When you’re tired, you make poor eating choices and rely on sugary or caffeinated foods and beverages to keep you temporarily energized.  Lack of sleep can also lower your metabolism and let those holiday goodies stick to you more easily.  
Enjoy this time with family and friends, but enjoy your sweets in moderation and stick to your daily routine as much as possible to keep yourself in check.   Have a very merry Christmas and we’ll see you at the studio for damage control.


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