Happy Canada Day! Our Summer Shape Up Challenge kicks off on Tuesday. The assessments are done and the hard work is about to commence. It's going to be a hard road ahead so we want to give our participants some advice on how to tackle the challenge over the next 2 months. In fact, it’s useful for anyone whose training needs a little kick in the butt…

Make It Important

Well duh! Sounds like a no-brainer, however the easiest part of this process is laying down the cash. It’ll be a lot harder in the summer when your muscles are sore, and a beer on the sunny patio looks like a better option. Besides work and family we want this challenge to be the most important part of your life for these two months. If you’re running late at work and can’t make the 6pm class, come to the 7, or 8; make sure you have a backup plan.

Train Insane!

“Train insane, or remain the same” is a popular saying between testosterone-fuelled “bro’s”… but it can apply to even the most timid. Everyone’s “insane” is different, whether 10 push-ups is crazy for you, or 50, that’s fine. The point is you should be pushing yourself harder each and every time. A hill climb on the Strider at gear 18 should turn into 19 eventually.

Quality not Quantity

Although you have an unlimited pass to classes it’s not about cramming in 8-10 per week and going through the motions so you can boast to your friends that you went to 10 classes this week. It’s about making sure you get the most out of each workout and to perform better at each class beyond that. Concentrate on proper form, including muscle engagement, alignment and the progression & regression of every exercise.

Come to the studio 5-6 days a week, but make sure it’s the right mix of classes and you recover well. Throw in a Pilates or Restorative class alongside your Fighting Fit, TRX dedication. This flows neatly into…


Sleep is your best aid and as a busy parent that can be hard. Try and get 8 hours per night. So rather than check Facebook for the third time before bed or watch your fifth TV program of the night, head to bed earlier. They’ll both still be there at the end of the challenge.

Summer is a time to hydrate even before you come to class, and especially after. If you think you’ve had your water intake for the day (men, 3.7l+ & women, 2.7l+), drink some more! Trust us.


This can be the make or break in your personal challenge. “You can’t outwork a poor diet” is another cliché, but it’s very true. We’re here to look after you at the studio but when you get home you’re on your own to deal with the temptations. Apply the tips Kimi will give you on in her talk on July 8th, and make use of her BLOGS and services if you can. Dr. Mike has some great ARTICLES too.

Oh, and surround yourself with encouraging, and supportive people. Your party animal friend can miss you for a few weeks.

We’ll be there for support, to answer any questions you have and we’ll chase you up if you start to slack off. You can ask us about the time we showed up at a member’s front door. Now what GoodLife would do that?!

Have Fun

K & V

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