We’ve had a lot of members approach us to ask what supplements we take, or that they should be taking. We get the feeling that you’re looking for a different answer – some miracle drug that will get you muscles overnight, or to wash the fat away like it never existed. For an average gym goer these top 5 supplements will help you with mental clarity and recovery, but unfortunately won’t get you bigger overnight…

Fish Oil

Fish oil is something the body can’t produce naturally, and this is why it’s probably the most important supplement to take. You can get this from eating fish, but the average person probably won’t consume enough (unless you're a fisherman!). Fish oils contain omega 3s, which can help reduce heart disease, help recovery from training, potentially help with fat loss, and keeps the brain healthy. Aim for a burp-free capsule, unless you like the taste of raw fish.

Vitamin D

Michelle recently wrote a BLOG about how important this is, and how people are not getting enough. Your body can produce Vitamin D from the sun but that does not mean you should sunbathe to the point of skin cancer to get it. In addition, the sun isn't very strong outside the summer months, so a supplement is really helpful. Vitamin D helps raise blood levels, builds strong bones, and aids the immune system.

Foods containing vitamin D – Canned salmon, mackerel, mushrooms, eggs

Vitamin B-Complex

Contains all eight B-vitamins, and we find this really helps our mental capacity. It can help reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, and heart disease.

Foods containing B vitamins – cereal, eggs, nuts, citrus fruits, bananas


If you suffer from gas, bloating, abdominal pain then this supplement can really help you out. Probiotics addresses your digestive systems to help your body to replenish, and nourish good bacteria.

Whey Protein

We’re not a fan of too many post-workout supplements. They can be high in calories, and the average person does not work out with a consistently high enough intensity to benefit from them. However, if you do have to listen to what the “bro’s” say in the weight room then whey protein is your best bet. It has a decent amount of quality calories and can help build muscle, help muscle recovery, and aid with fat loss.

Protein powders really need a blog of their own. If you’re in the market to supplement with protein make sure you know what you’re putting into your body as they’re not all created equally.

Before you head to your nearest Fitness & Nutrition store just keep in mind that supplements are exactly that. They should not be a substitute to eating the right foods and training hard.

See you in the gym.

Victoria & Kevin

28/10/2021 12:37:16 am

I like to take care of my health, both physical and mental. To avoid deficiencies, I had to adopt a balanced diet and above all use a specific food supplement. It is on this article that I found the product that allowed me to relive and enjoy optimal well-being without health concerns.


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