Whether it’s staying away from the silent scream of the Ed’s Real Scoop ice cream sitting in your freezer, or escaping the not-so-silent scream of your children fighting over who will get to eat the last bowl, a great workout has instant daily benefits that too often get overlooked in favour of achieving the ultimate goal.  While making SMART goals with a solid plan of attack is great, the reality is that these everyday perks are what will keep you coming back for more.

Making time for living a healthy, active lifestyle is so much more beneficial than what the experts proclaim and go beyond the threat of you dying young or never fitting into skinny jeans if you don’t shape up.

Here are my tried and true secrets to enjoying every minute of your day…including your workout! 

Bring a buddy – Not just any buddy, but someone you actually like being around.  If you can laugh with this person while cleaning out the year-old take out containers and arrowroots in the back seat of your car, then there’s a good chance that they’ll also be good company while you accidentally step on their feet during Zumba, or bump into them while attempting a really hard TRX move.  Fortunately and unfortunately, friends can be the deal-breaker when it comes to exercising regularly.  Pick a friend who follows a similar schedule as you and is equally as interested in sneaking in a little more physical activity. 

Start with something you like – If you don’t like the cold, don’t expect to like it even more when attempting a mid-winter run as sweat trickles down your back and icicles grow around your face all at the same time.  If you know you like to dance, try a choreographed class like Zumba or Fitness Kickboxing.  If you have two left feet, try something more stationary, such as TRX, or maybe a Bootcamp circuit class where you’re the only one at the station.

You don’t have to eliminate all of the fun in your life to exercise – Until your workout is the highlight of your day; don’t sacrifice curling up with a good book or catching the latest flick to drag yourself to the gym.  Who says procrastinating has to be a bad thing?  If you find yourself always searching for time to fit in a good sweat, skip doing the dishes and go for a class.  Chances are, you’ll have more energy when you get home and you’ll speed through the dishes in a better mood.   

Leave your ego at the door – Forget about what your ultimate goal is and focus on the process of getting there.  Every day that you work out is a new opportunity to try something new, to push your limits, and to find your strengths. 

This is not ground-breaking science, which I think is why it’s too often overlooked.  Exercise shouldn’t only be about living longer than your parents.  It should be about creating social connections, distracting you from un-fun tasks, learning new skills, and letting yourself go.


24/7/2012 11:53:13 pm

Every one wants to be healthy and fit. I thing you created a wonderful platform for all who are suffering from some disease and have some quires and want a consulting and they can also share there experiences with other patients . Many Thanks for this wonderful platform.

23/8/2012 07:50:31 pm

yes you are right to do exercise with full of energy and enjoyment is very important. Aerobics exercise and Dance is best option to lose weight


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