Aerobic workouts like distance running or hanging out on the elliptical for an hour have taken a bashing over the last few years. I’m sure you’ve read in fitness magazines or on the internet something along the lines of “why run for an hour when you can expend as much calories in a 20 minute Bootcamp?”

However, you should consider the following benefits of steady state cardio…

Increased Energy & Performance

While the Bootcamp comment above can be true, most of the time it’s working your anaerobic system more than the aerobic system. You would never train for a half or a full marathon just doing Bootcamps.

Your aerobic system replenishes all energy systems, even anaerobic, and by targeting your cardio more often, this energy system you will boost performance no matter what your goals are.

Recovery/Stress Relief

Imagine a grinding 8-12 hour day at work then going to the studio to pummel through a high intensity TRX or Fighting Fit class, or going for a record on your deadlift, then its home to deal with the kids. That’s what a lot of you do and it can be considered a stress relief, endorphin-wise anyway, but think of how much pressure you’re putting on yourself physically and mentally if you did this every day. Enjoying a more even-paced, less intense cardio session can be a lot less stressful on your mind and is a great recovery session to sandwich between high intensity training. 

Great For Your Heart

The cynical amongst you may argue that at least someone dies or becomes very ill at every major marathon. In most cases, these are pre-existing heart conditions that the runner may not have been aware of. In any case, compare that number against the thousands of people who die of heart disease every day and there’s no argument. Get running!  Maintaining a steady heart rate above 70% of your max heart rate increases your heart’s ability to contract efficiently and pump blood to the areas that need it.  You’ll notice a decreased resting heart rate, and a stronger beat. 

Even if you’re a decent runner, joining our Learn to Run Program will get that extra cardio session in (up to twice per week) to compliment the more intense training. If you’re completely new to running then it is a no-brainer to get started on the cardio so that you can have more energy in your every day life.

Kevin & Victoria

15/4/2014 10:39:14 pm

Running seems like a great exercise for everyone, and it provides excellent results for different body systems. The best part is you don’t need any extra equipment to do it.


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