Those of you know who us well, are aware that we’re not kettlebell experts by any stretch of the imagination.  Fortunately for us, owning the studio also means, in addition to being able to schedule workshops that we think you’d love, we can also host ones that we (secretly) really want to do!

But before we dive in to the Kettlebell Sport Workshop on September 8th to learn even more about this awesome sport, here are just some of the benefits of Russia’s national pride and joy.

It’s a Great Conditioning & Core Activation Tool

The kettlebell is a powerful, unstable object and as you know with great power comes great responsibility Spider-Man. This is where your core comes in to play to counter-act this instability. It is forced to remain contracted throughout each movement, strengthening your core with each and every rep. With so many muscles firing, all you need is to add in a few high rep sets to build up some great conditioning.

Develops Great Below-the-Elbow Strength

We’re not so sure about those arthritic hand springs that you constantly press to try and improve your grip strength. Enter kettlebells. Swinging and pressing a kettlebell will develop your forearm, wrist and grip strength. Wrist injuries are very common and by strengthening it using kettlebells you will avoid injury to a joint that is well used in daily life.


Heading out on a long work trip or a holiday with the family. You just need to pack a kettlebell in your car, find some open space and get in a great work out without transporting heavy machinery.

Kettlebells versus Dumbbells

To the uneducated, kettlebells and dumbbells look like they will do the same thing. However, kettlebells are much more useful when trying to perform an explosive movement, such as a swing or a snatch, where momentum is key. A more obvious benefit is that kettlebells have handles and so it makes exercises like a one-leg Romanian deadlift, or a figure eight squat much easier to perform. You can do many of the same dumbbell exercises with a kettlebell, but it requires more precision and concentration due to its weight and shape.

The Russians Made Them!

During the 1960s through to the 80s all the bad ass strongmen came from Russia… and they didn’t just swing or press the kettlebells, they threw them like Olympic hammers and likely said “I WILL BREAK YOU!” before tossing them. Just like nuclear wars, vodka and hairy women, anything that comes out of Russia is tough as hell and kettlebells are no different.

So now that you know how awesome kettlebells can be and what they can do for you, why don’t you check out our Kettlebell Sport Workshop with Robin & Alberto, on Sunday, September 8th. If everyone likes them we can even set up a competitive team and maybe one day face the Russians bell-to-bell!

Kevin & Victoria

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